This all started in 1997.

Daniel, Shaun, and I decided to write a movie together. Influenced by anime and fueled by youthful passion, we spent a day pouring over and out page upon page of notes. At the end of that day, Daniel took the notes, and, over the course of a week, produced a thirty-page script. He handed me a copy to read, and it consumed me. The next three days became a blur. I didn’t sleep. I didn’t eat. I just wrote; scribbling notes in the margins, cramming scenes and dialogue into every inch of white space available. I emerged from my room depleted of my raw creativity – satisfied to my core, in a way that haunts me to this day. When I saw Daniel next, he was overwhelmed by my efforts. He took my copy and set out to transcribe what I produced. When he was finished, I had added sixty-seven pages to the story. We held it in triumph… and that’s where it all ended. Two weeks and nothing more came of the endeavor. 

I’ve spent the last twenty-three years chasing that ghost.

I’ve spent the last twenty-three years writing for myself. In college. In notebooks. In workshops. But one thing is painfully obvious now: writing for myself is not enough. It’s taken me this long to recognize my defining ambition: to write stories that people read. Which is different from writing stories for people to read. I’m motivated by an audience. Whether my stories are good or bad isn’t for me to decide. But I can’t know one way or the other unless I put ink to paper and present it to someone – even if that someone is a blog that no one visits. It’s still motivation.

But if someone is reading this, then welcome!

My promise to you is simple: I am going to write stories for you to read. How many stories I will be working on at one time, I cannot say. How many stories I will finish, I cannot know. But I will expand each story, at least, once a month. And I will update the existing content throughout the month. What I am offering you is a glimpse into my process, unfiltered and unabated. You will see these stories and their characters evolve from genesis to terminus. And, with any luck, you will enjoy what I produce.